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Thompson's Emails

Jack Thompson is known for being an extremely aggressive communicator. Following are excerpts from emails he has sent in reply to requests for more information and/or invitations to expound on his ideas. Although he also received numerous negative, rude, and threatening emails, we consign both them and his responses to the trash bin. We're only interested in logical, respectful exchanges.

Some of these emails contain portions which are either automatically generated ("To:", "Sent:", etc) or from the other half of the exchange (usually prefaced by ">" or ">>"), but we hold them to be tolerably obvious. The main writer will always be Jack Thompson, unless otherwise noted. We have also done some editing - removing some of the automated tags, for example - but the content is not edited. You can find a list of sources at the end.

If you have not been correctly sourced, please let us know, and we'll fix the problem.

The animation depicting my killing has now been removed, minutes ago, from the above-noted web site. [As demanded by him.]

Mr. Kerner of Bolt Media has just called me to inform me of that, which has occurred as a result of his communication with BadAssBuddy.com.

I believe the removal of the animation by BadAssBuddy.com, which put it up there with full knowledge as to the impropriety of doing so, constitutes an admission of guilt by BadAss Buddy, Bolt Media's business partner.

Therefore, please proceed with an investigation and prosecution, if appropriate of Bad AssBuddy.com's employees who are responsible for this. Targeting of citizens because they oppose the targeting of police officer has no place in a free society.

Let me know if you need an affidavit from me or others.

no, but thanks. i’m too busy destroying best buy and rockstar

—– Original Message —–
>> I’m the editor of the gaming blog, Kotaku. Would you be willing to do a short Q&A
>> about your fight against violent video games for the site? It would be via email.
(This one we added paragraphs. As far as we can tell, it didn't have any. The picture is of "barbie doll" nudity.)
The picture you've sent [immediately below my letter] is objectionable for a 13 year old as far as I'm concerned, particularly since it is embedded in the Sims 2 game, unclockable easily with a simple cheat code that is being distributed by the New York Times! You don't walk around nude in your home with the blinds open, do you, ______, or in front of 13 year olds?

If you think the below okay for kids, then send me your address and I'll alert the authorities. Many parents wouldn't want their kids playing this game at the age level of "T," with no ID check at the time of purchase, given the amount of reproductive activity in the game and the ability to remove "the blur." The problem, ____________, is that there are a bunch of video game companies that are being deceptive, with the help of the ESRB, in slipping this into our homes with no adequate warning that they are doing so.

Electronic Arts is in fact collaborating with the modders to put pubic hair, genitalia, nipples, etc. on the Sims 2 figures, including the children. The pedophiles out there love it, which is why the mods are all over the adult porn sites. You aren't concerned about that, now are you ____? You cherish your "freedom" more than the innocence of other people's children, now don't you _______?

nope. why don’t you get back to minding your own business?

—– Original Message —–
>> Could you please get back to more important matters like domestic
>> violence and child abuse?
Don’t need your help, junior. You’re the problem
you’re right. i have better things to do than bother with gamers’ ideas, which is the latest oxymoron.
oh, go buy a suicide game and get real good at it, won't you?
read again whom I want to have contact me. have the games fucked your brain up? it says to only contact me if you have been harmed. fuck off.
kids don't have liberties. do your research
Got it, honey. I'll pray you have no more children.

—– Original Message —–
> You are very angry. I'm praying for you that you find peace.

>—– Original Message —–
>> I'm not angry. I'm just very determined and successful against nitwits who have
>> nothing better to do with their lives than play video games and corrupt other
>> people's kids. you are so self-righteous, so sad, and so aimless.

>>-- Original Message --
>>> It's no wonder you are recieving death threats, if you have responded to other people
>>> in the same manner you have responded to me. I am sorry you are so angry, I hope you
>>> can find peace. (I know when I get stressed out, I play The Sims 2.) Also, I wish you
>>> would not send me any more e-mails that are threatning and/or contain vulgar language.
>>> Out of your four emails you sent me this morning, you, sir, have offended me more than
>>> any game.
[Further mail history clipped.]
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