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About Us

We are a group of concerned individuals.

We do not represent any organization within or without the Video Game Industry nor are we affiliated with Mr. Thompson in any way.

We simply believe that the ongoing discourse about violent and sexual themes in modern interactive media is particularly one-sided and that the participating parties are more often than not uninformed in the media they are talking about and actively reticent about engaging in rational dialogue on these issues.

Our goal with this website is to educate parents, politicians and everyone else who is interested in this subject of Video Games’ Sex and Violence. We hope that our exposition of Mr. Thompson’s arguments, articles and Emails help you to understand this debate better and hopefully encourage both sides to rationally discuss the subject.


This site is a non-profit portal meant for educational purposes and to promote public discussion of the cultural effects of Video Games.

The website, website ISP, and individuals maintaining or submitting to the site do not represent the opinion of any organization within or without the Video Game Industry nor are they affiliated with anyone by the name of "Jack Thompson" in any way.

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